Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sparkly white Christmas tree

I have a white Christmas tree this year. It's so pretty. My grandmother always had a white tree, and having it takes me back to all those Christmases at her house. Our family would get together, eat lots of yummy food, open presents, and hangout with each other long into the evening.
For Christmas this year (and every year just about) I'm making alot of my gifts. I always think I'll have no problem making everything and think I'll have plenty of time, only to find myself freaking out around the last week before Christmas. Last year I neglected to give my brother and his wife their gifts...I still have yet to make those gifts. But this year I'm doing better! I do still have a couple gifts to make, and have only 8 days until Christmas, but I think I will get them finished. Here's to hoping! And since I'm talking about making them instead of actually making them, I'm losing even more time. Oh well! Christmas isn't really about gifts anyway. At least not the kind that we buy, wrap and lay under our sparkly white Christmas trees. It's about Jesus. It's about God's gift to us. And He doesn't really fit under a tree. But He fits just right in my heart. <3