Friday, November 12, 2010

Fabric Food!

Hello! Remember the pattern I wanted to try last week? Well I got it! And completed my niece, Abbie's birthday gift. I like the way everything turned out. I did a different fabric for the shopping bag other than just solid green felt. I was more fond of this fabric I already had that says "green" and "love" all over it. And it's just perfect for a sweet, two year old girl.

Here are some pictures of the beginning of my progress. My plan was to take pictures of all of the food items as sort of a before, during and after idea. But I got so into the project that I forgot to pick my camera up after the eggs and squash. But I'll share those with you. :)

Eggs, right after cutting them out.

Egg in process of being sewn on my trusty OLD Singer sewing machine.

Egg getting stuffed after turning it right side out.

Finished eggs! Aren't they cute? The Simplicity pattern makes a half dozen.

Ok, so I just decided that I don't want to put up a pic of the squash in progress, because I only took one picture of it. So instead, I'll just show you some pics of everything finished! That's more fun to look at anyway.

Veggies: squash, eggplant, tomato and carrot. The pattern also has a pumpkin, but I decided not to do it. There were already a lot of orange things. Yep, that's my logic.

Fruits: banana, apple, orange, strawberries and orange slice. The strawberries are probably my favorite. I contemplated keeping one and only giving Abbie two. But that wouldn't be right. She's a baby and I can make more if I want. So she gets all three.

See how cute they are? :) My fingers were super sore after all the hand sewing I did on this project. I usually don't hand sew at all. But I'm happy with the way it all turned out, so it was worth it.

All of the food together.

So there you have it. Completed in less than a week. Now go out and buy the Simplicity pattern 2445 and make a bag-full of fruits, veggies and eggs. Oh...that pattern also comes with a cake and cupcake pattern. I'll save that one for later. Maybe for another niece. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fabric Flowers

I've just recently learned how to make these fabric flowers. They are pretty easy! The ones here are some pins, and hair clips I made for a friend's wedding. They were fun! :)

Then I watched a tutorial online of how to make flower bib necklaces and came up with this:

I really like it! It's so bright and fun. And just in case you want to make your own, here are the tutorials I used. :)
For the fabric flowers (also called handkerchief roses) go here:

You don't have to use handkerchiefs, I just cut squares of pretty fabrics for mine. Except for the white flower. That was a handkerchief.

For the flower bib necklace, I couldn't find the same tutorial I used. It was about 10 minutes long on youtube. But if you go to and type in "flower bib necklace" there are some others you can look at. I'm sure they will teach you the same methods. :)

Also I'm excited about making Christmas gifts for this year. I started buying stuff in August, so hopefully I won't wait til the last minute this year. I've been looking at adorable felt play food online lately and I really want to make some for my youngest niece, Abbie. Here is a pattern I want to use from Simplicity. It's so cute.
Ok...well that's all for now. Bye!